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Mint Properties is a family owned and operated local real estate investment company. We build custom homes for ourselves, as if we might move into them (something we consider on all of them), then we sell them. We build with integrity & love and believe this creates a unique and high quality product that people will want. We have been blessed thus far with our business model.

Mint is a little different in that we design, manage, and general contract each of our projects in house. This gives full control over costs, design, quality, and all contractors who work on our projects. With this business model it takes more time from start to finish and limits the number of projects we can do annually. For us we do it right or better than right, overbuilding is preferred.

Mint services consists of complete rehab & restoration projects, a real estate brokerage (Hanza Realty), a design company (Hanza Design), general contracting, new development/new builds from the ground up, income producing/rentals, and commercial in the near future. We are very selective on who we hire, who we work for, and what type of projects we get involved in. Please feel free to reach out if you are in need of any of our services.

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